12th International Salon of Artistic Photography for Physicians
PhotoArtMedica 2024

If you are a doctor, a dentist, a lecturer at a medical school, a medical student, an intern, an medical imaging technician and your passion is photography and the desire to capture moments of life with camera - this salon is for you! - share your sensitivity ... Join us!





Hall of Fame

PhotoArtMedica GRAND PRIX 2020

Ryszard Zembrzuski, MD – Warsaw, Poland choroby wewnętrzne / internal diseases

Ryszard Zembrzuski, MD – Warsaw, Poland
internal diseases

PhotoArtMedica 2016 - FIAP Honorary Medal
PhotoArtMedica 2017 – PhotoArtMedica Gold Medal
PhotoArtMedica 2018 – PhotoArtMedica Honorable Mention
PhotoArtMedica 2019 – PhotoClub RP Gold Medal
PhotoArtMedica 2021 - FIAP Honorary Medal, PhotoArtMedica Honorable Mention
PhotoArtMedica 2022 – PhotoArtMedica Bronze Medal

The combination of music and image has always fascinated me, especially the music of Debussy, Ravel surrounded by landscapes, this and painting in a wide edition it was my ideal.
It was my primary hobby because of the ease of creating melodies, but also walking in the fields with an analog camera and watching nature. After a very long break and stagnation in these areas, I became interested in music performed on electronic instruments, which resulted in the release of the Fengshui album in a niche publishing house Anymusic in 2001 and the second one on a compilation of several authors. I took photos sporadically during tourists trips, there was a 17-year break with music until the reconstruction of my electronic studio. Since 2011, after a photographic trip to Nepal with a group of photographers, I started to participate in photographic trips twice a year and there I realized myself photographically. In 2016, during one of the photographic expeditions, I received an offer from Mr. Krzysztof Muskalski to participate in the PhotoArtMedica competition. Since then, I have successfully taken part in this competition every single year, 2 gold medals, 2 FIAP honorary medals and distinctions, and the main prize in 2020. Since 2017, I have combined my passion for music with photography, which resulted in 300 music tracks on YouTube under my name. I send photos to other competitions very rarely, but they have also been awarded in prestigious international competitions. On a daily basis I focus on current photos, which I have a lot, and work in my music studio, which takes me a lot of time along with my professional work as an internist. 


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