11th International Salon of Artistic Photography for Physicians
PhotoArtMedica 2023

If you are a doctor, a dentist, a lecturer at a medical school, a medical student, an intern, an medical imaging technician and your passion is photography and the desire to capture moments of life with camera - this salon is for you! - share your sensitivity ... Join us!

On June 8, 2023, the opening ceremony and vernissage of the photographic exhibition
of the Italian Society of Physician Photographers
AMFI and the PhotoArtMedica Salons
took place as part of the
World Medical View artistic project

at the ENPAM Gallery - Ninfeo Museum in Rome. 


Dear Colleagues,

Ten years of PhotoArtMedica Salons are behind us. They were not only a source of artistic inspiration, but also an opportunity to integrate within our Medical Community. We had a chance to personally meet many of you during the annual award ceremonies, while the PhotoArtMedica exhibitions visited many cities. In June 2023, in Rome, we organized a joint exhibition with our friends from AMFI, as part of the World Medical View project. This was the first PhotoArtMedica exhibition outside Poland. We are very pleased with the engagement of our community in the development of photographic passion.

So, with a lot of optimism, we are entering the next decade of our activity. The leading theme of this year's edition is "Portrait". In this category, we received 249 photographs presenting many atmospheric, often insightful works. In the "Free theme" category, 335 photographs rich in diversity of content and techniques were submitted. Last but not least, "Medical Photography" showed us many aspects of our daily work in 74 photographs, also emphasizing its ethical aspects.

We will be looking forward with great satisfaction to establishing of the International Doctor Photographers Club by the initiative of Mr. Riccardo Busi, President of FIAP. It will undoubtedly enrich the artistic and intellectual potential of our community around the world.

I would like to thank our Patrons, Partners and Sponsors for their continuous support of the values of PhotoArtMedica Salons.

Kind regards,
Krzysztof MUSKALSKI, MD, PhD
Artist photographer - EFIAP/p, EPSA, Hon AMFI, GAPU, G.APS, AFRP, ZPAF
PhotoArtMedica Salon Originator and Chairman


of the Jury proceedings at the
11th International Salon of Artistic Photography for Physicians PhotoArtMedica 2023  




PhotoArtMedica 2023 Salon Laureates

Catalog archive

review of photo catalogs of the laureates and participants of the International Salons of Artistic Photography for Physicians PhotoArtMedica edition 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Dr. Władysław Biegański's "Polish Hippocrates" Medal 
main prize in the "Medical photography" category




Hall of Fame PhotoArtMedica

Assoc. Prof. Maciej Wójcik, MD, PhD
Lublin, Poland 

Grand Prix 2013

Łukasz Kulak, MD
Libiąż, Poland 

Grand Prix 2014

Prof. Paul Byrne, MD, PhD
Dublin, Ireland 

Grand Prix 2015

Prof. Andrzej Kajetanowicz, MD
Sydney, NS, Canada 

Grand Prix 2016

Kordian Waroński, MD
Skrzyszów, Poland 

Grand Prix 2017

João Taborda, MD
Lisbon, Portugal 

Grand Prix 2018

Dr Leonid Goldin
Or-Akiva, Israel 

Grand Prix 2019

Ryszard Zembrzuski, MD
Warsaw, Poland 

Grand Prix 2020

Franco Ameli, MD
Genoa, Italy 

Grand Prix 2021

Shourjendra Datta, MD
Kolkata, India

Grand Prix 2022

Ahmed Mohamed HASSAN, MD

Ahmed Mohamed HASSAN, MD
Egypt, Qatar

Grand Prix 2023



of Laureates and Participants of the International Salon of Artistic Photography for Physicians

On the World Photography Day, we inaugurated the online Photo Gallery of Laureates and Participants of PhotoArtMedica Salons. It is a unique and valuable archive that shows the artistic skills and passion of our international medical community. So far, nearly 5,000 photos of all participants and laureates of all PhotoArtMedica Salons are collected in the Gallery, representing 30 nations of the world.


International Salons
of Artistic Photography for Physicians PhotoArtMedica 


The total number of countries from which participants sent photographs for the PhotoArtMedica Salons


The total number of participants from all countries taking part in the PhotoArtMedica Salons


The total number of photos sent to all PhotoArtMedica Salons


The total number of submissions from all countries taking part in the PhotoArtMedica Salons

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