8th International Salon of Artistic Photography for Physicians 

PhotoArtMedica 2020

PhotoArtMedica 2020 Salon PARTICIPANTS
8th International Salon of Artistic Photography for Physicians PhotoArtMedica 2020 – Częstochowa, POLAND
69 authors from 13 countries – Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, USA - have presented 481 photographs – 210 in „The world of water” category, 216 in „Free theme” category and 55 in „Medical photography” category.
Results will be presented in coming days.

Award & Opening Ceremony – October 17 (Saturday) – City Hall-Częstochowa Museum - without audience participation (due to COVID-19 restrictions) – event will be available on-line


If you are a doctor, a dentist, a lecturer at a medical school, a medical student, an intern, an medical imaging technician and your passion is photography and the desire to capture moments of life with camera - this salon is for you! - share your sensitivity ... Join us!


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Dear Colleagues,

The year 2020 has challenged the world with something unprecedented in our times - the COVID-19 pandemic, that has cost humanity many lives already and continues causing mass illnesses. Communities around the world have united in the fight against coronavirus sacrificing most of what used to be our quotidianity. However, despite this sacrifice and various restrictions, we keep looking for normality and moments of relaxation. And hence, we would like to invite you to participate in the VIII International Salon of Artistic Photography of Physicians PhotoArtMedica 2020.

In this edition, already for the third time we invite you to submit photos in the "Medical Photography" category. Undoubtedly, this year it will inspire many of you to depict in images the fight of medical workers with the COVID-19 pandemic in various contexts. Photographs documenting this unprecedented struggle will become a historic testimony for future generations showing the bravery of medical workers and societies around the world. Just as every year, we also encourage photographs showing everyday life of medical centers, doctor-patient relations, as well as images of modern medical imaging techniques used to create artistic shots. This year, for the first time in the "Medical Photography" category, the Honorary Medal of the International Federation of Photographic Art FIAP will be awarded.

We also invite you to present photographs in "The World of Water" category. Water is an integral part of our lives and of our world. It constitutes a part of our bodies and is necessary for our vital functions, while it also covers most of the surface of our planet - the Blue Planet. It pleases our eyes with wonderful landscapes of oceans, seas, rivers, streams. It reveals in front of our eyes idyllic images of holiday relaxation, but at times it shows its destructive potential. Nowadays, the ecological aspects of human interaction with the water world are certainly becoming increasingly important.

In the „Free theme” category, we expect photographs on any chosen subject, made using any technique, full of your own inspirations and fantasies.

Traditionally, in the post-competition catalogue we will present not only the awarded works but also one work of each participant. We are looking forward to your photo inspirations. 

Dr n. med. Krzysztof MUSKALSKI, EFIAP/s, AFRP, ZPAF

PhotoArtMedica Originator and Chairman






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On the World Photography Day, we inaugurated the online Photo Gallery of Laureates and Participants of PhotoArtMedica Salons. It is a unique and valuable archive that shows the artistic skills and passion of our international medical community. So far, nearly 4,000 photos of all participants and laureates of all PhotoArtMedica Salons are collected in the Gallery, representing 30 nations of the world.


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